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your 2021 tax journey

Get to know the way we'll be working with you.

STEP : 1

Gather all of your necessary tax documents. Deliver them to us using the option most convenient for you:


What tax documents do you need?  Click here!

STEP : 2

Using the information you provide, we will do what we do best-prepare your tax return. Our goal is for a minimum 7-day turnaround. If we need any additional information to complete your return, we’ll get in touch.

tax return preparation

Meet with your tax professional

STEP : 3

A lot of our clients like to schedule a time with us. If that is your preference, please schedule away! For everyone else, our office will reach out to you within 7 days from the time we get your tax documents. For more information about appointments, please see the FAQ toward the bottom of this page.

STEP : 4

By this step, you will know exactly what the outcome of the return is and, hopefully, have had all of your questions answered. Prospect uses SafeSend Returns to assist with a secure and efficient signing process. This is done via email with instructions to:

  1. E-Sign the tax return
  2. Download PDFs for your records
  3. Review amounts due/refunded
  4. Have access to 2022 estimates, if applicable

To learn more about SafeSend Returns and see what to expect, click here for a short YouTube video from SafeSend Returns.

If other arrangements (for example, signing in person at the office) have been made, those arrangements will be followed.

Finalize the Return


We have created the following resources to help you understand what we will need to complete your tax return:

  • 2021 Tax Record Worksheet (Click Here)
  • What Tax Documents Do I Need? — Visit
  • 2021 Schedule C (Self-Employed) Worksheet (Click Here)
  • 2021 Schedule E (Rental/Investment Property) Worksheet (Click Here)
  • Online Tax Questionnaire — You should have received an email notifying you that your Tax Organizer is ready to start. Follow the instructions on that message to create your new account and get started. You can access your Questionnaire at any time inside your online Client Center account.

Our primary appointment method is going to be virtual due to continued COVID-19 restrictions.  However, each tax professional (Joel, John, and Matt) have opted to individually chart their own course in regards to in-office appointments.  John’s circumstances allow for no in-office appointments.  Matt and Joel will make themselves available for in-office appointments on a limited basis to clients with special circumstances and needs.  We ask our clients to work with us again this year and use the resources we have provided.  If you desire an in-office appointment, please contact our office. We can be reached by phone at 909-797-3140 or by email at

No appointment is necessary. You can drop off documents any time during normal business hours. Or you can upload documents to your online Client Center account any time. If you need to explain your situation or tax documents before we get started, just  let the Prospect team know and we will arrange for a phone call before your project gets started.

The Client Center is our online client portal. You can use the Client Center to:

  • Submit your Tax Questionnaire to us online
  • Securely upload your tax documents
  • View copies of completed tax returns and other documents shared by our office
  • Visit Click the Client Resources link and select Client Center Login.
  • The Client Center Login page will have helpful information about using your Client Center account.
  • You will first need to register your Client Center account. You should have received an email prompting you to create your account for the first time. If you didn’t receive the email, please contact our office for help.
  • You can download a convenient mobile app to access your Client Center account on your phone. The app will also allow you to use your phone‘s camera as a scanner to send us documents quickly.

Part of our new process includes a Virtual Appointment (phone or web meeting) with you after the initial preparation of your tax return. Since most of the busy work will be done, we will use all of our time to review your taxes together, ensure nothing has been missed, answer your questions, explain the next steps, and do some planning for the coming year. The goal is for you to leave this meeting feeling great about your tax return and completely in control of the process! Of course, if questions come up before you sign, just let our team know so they can connect you with your Tax Pro.

Yes! If you would like to schedule your Virtual Appointment (phone call or web meeting) in advance, please call our office at 909-797-3140 or use the following links:

If you haven‘t scheduled an appointment in advance, we will contact you as soon as your documents are received by our office.

All Individual income tax returns can be signed electronically. The IRS doesn‘t allow electronic signature for Corps, Partnerships, Trusts, or Estates. When your tax return is complete, you will receive an email that walks you through the process. We use a service called SafeSend Returns to assist with these final steps of the tax return process.

Once your tax return is signed and we’ve received your signed documents, we will electronically file your income tax return. There is nothing left for you to do except pay your invoice to us and track your refund ( or pay your balance due (

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