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Honestly, compliance is just the first step…

We believe a good life is a ‘notice-free’ life. How do you have a ‘notice-free’ life? Compliance. The law is the law. And tax law can often feel like it was written to be as confusing as possible. As Enrolled Agents, we live, eat, and breathe the US tax code. So you can trust that we know this stuff.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of our holistic approach to tax services including:

  • Income enhancement and lower tax bills
  • Enjoy the present – less time doing taxes and more time doing what you love!
  • Confidence in your financial future – without the tax-related headache

These are important without question. But it is all done while keeping in compliance. This cannot be overstated. This is in our wheelhouse!

Corporate Tax Filings

Partnership, LLC, Corporation? Prospect professionals know exactly how the law affects your business. We focus on keeping your entity compliant and the corporate veil fully intact.

Non-profit Tax Return Filings

Keeping your non-profit status is job one. The IRS is extremely picky when it comes to a tax-exempt entity. Prospect has the extensive experience and skill-set to keep you in compliance.

Individual Taxes

Take away the headache of dealing with your taxes. Sole proprietor or individual, we work with our clients to help them reduce their taxable liability as much as the law allows.

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