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It seems that these days, there is an unlimited number of ways in which we can communicate. Text, call, Facebook message, SnapChat, direct message- you name it. You can reach just about anyone on any platform. But despite our near-obsession with creating ways of communicating, it also seems that we have regressed in this critical skill. It’s becoming easier to simply brush our issues under the rug, or to hide from behind a computer screen. But we believe that the necessity of this skill still prevails. And we ought to pay close attention to how we interact and communicate with one another, particularly in the workplace.

EmployeeCommunicating well is especially important in our jobs. No matter your role or position, it is crucial that you speak with professionalism, confidence, and clarity. Doing so will cultivate a kind and respectful work environment and promote efficiency and productivity. 

So, for whatever title you hold, adopt these seven habits for improving your business communication skills for a happier and healthier work-life

7 Habits for Better Business Communication: 

  1. Refine your listening skills. Being a good listener should be your first step in becoming a better communicator. Make sure that in each of your conversations, you intentionally tune in to what the other person is saying. Strive to understand what they mean and their perspective. You might even recap or summarize their points throughout your conversation so to demonstrate that you are listening.
  2. Collaborate and be open to change. Unless you are presenting or giving some kind of lecture, whatever you have to say should be made concise. Make your message as clear and straightforward as possible. And as you share your thoughts, invite those to whom you speak to offer their ideas as well. 
  3. Spend time on your personal growth. You will have a lot more to offer if you invest in learning and growing. Do so by reading, spending time with mentors, and making use of other resources. When you enter into a conversation, make sure that you are well equipped. 
  4. Don’t wait to bring things up. Sensitive issues, conflicts, and hurt feelings can fester and build when left unattended. So always be sure to address these with immediacy. If confronted early, the issue will most likely be met with understanding and a quick resolution. 
  5. Be accurate and specific when you bring things up. Writing emails and even texts has a large part in business communication. So, you must proofread your messages to colleagues, employees, and especially clients. Check for errors with particular attention to grammar and spelling. Several mistakes can make you sound unprofessional and lead to misunderstandings. It is also important to be specific with your subject matter. Make it easy for someone to understand exactly what you mean as to avoid time-wasting and frustrating confusion. 
  6. Know when to use what channel. With so many forms and avenues of communication, there are endless ways by which you could reach someone. But discerning, which is most appropriate, is critical to your communication skills. Know when it’s okay to send a text, when to call, and when to meet in-person. 
  7. Assume the best in one another. Give whoever you’re speaking with the benefit of the doubt, even when they made a mistake. Enter your conversations, assuming that they were well-intentioned in their actions. Because odds are, they probably were. And if you express to them that you trust their motives, you will foster trust and kindness in the way you communicate.

So many of our relational problems arise from a lack of communication. Whether at home, among friends, or in the workplace, communicating is foundational to each of our interactions. So we must master this art of relating and responding to one another- for the health of our relationships and our own personal growth. In the workplace, be sure that your ability to communicate well takes priority. It will cause efficiency in your business and strengthen your relationships.

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