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In our last blog, we were talking about what it means to be the Boss! When you own your business, you are the Boss! But with that title can come many sleepless nights, anxious moments and stressful times. One of the most important aspects of being a boss that we have found is the ability to set up boundaries.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries with your Clients

We love our clients! It’s these interactions that make your business successful. However, we are sure that every one of you experienced that client that didn’t believe in boundaries and ended up walking all over you. If you do not have a contract that clearly states precisely what services that you are offering and exactly what they are paying for, it is easy for a client like this to continue to ask for the moon. All of a sudden, the scope of work that you are doing has so inflated that it is taking up literally all of your time and you have no opportunity to focus on any other of your other clients. This is when boundaries with clients are so crucial to set up right away. You know exactly what you are providing, and they know what to expect from you. You may want to set some boundaries on your communication as well. We have talked to business owners that have their voice mails tell the clients that they return phone calls between 2-3pm. Or maybe it’s an automatic email response that they will receive a reply in the next 48 hours. These small boundaries help your clients know what to expect when it comes to communication.

Boundaries with your family

These boundaries are more of a reverse boundary. But the idea behind this is that you are making sure that your family is a priority. It can be so easy, primarily if you work from home, to let your work encroach on all of your time. It may be easier to answer that email than to ensure that you get play time in with your kids. But this boundary ensures that your family remains your number one priority. Make sure that you are spending quality time with your spouse. Make sure to help your kids with their homework. You will never get this season with them again. Do not let your business steal from your family time.

Boundaries with yourself

This may seem like a weird place to set up boundaries, but it is essential! Make sure that you are not answering emails, texts, or other communication during non business hours. First of all, it keeps you from ever getting any time off. It keeps you from being fully present with your family. Secondly, you are training your customers that they can contact you at all hours of the night and they can expect for you to respond!

Another important boundary to set with yourself when you are a business owner is that when you are at work, you are there to work. During your business hours, you are focused on getting the tasks of the day completed. It can be easy to get distracted when you can set your schedule. But this boundary allows you to do something incredible. Leave your work at work at the end of the day.

We hope that these blogs have helped the business owners with some tips on how to build your business and how to be a better boss over all. What are some things that you do that help you be a good boss? Answer below in the comments!