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You’re as busy as a bee, you’ve got a lot on your plate, your hands are full, and you’re up to your neck in a never-ending list of tasks! This is the reality- the very full, hectic, and simply busy life- of a small business owner. However you put it, there’s certainly a lot to do when it comes to running a company. Your disciplined hard work and willingness to put in long hours is what has awarded your success. But for your continued prosperity,(and the quality of your services and personal life), it’s important to implement delegation.


To some of you business owners, the word “delegation” might have you running for the hills. We understand the sentiment. It can be quite intimidating to have someone else take over. You’ve built your business from the ground up; you’ve nurtured it and watched it grow. No one knows the culture and processes of your company as thoroughly and intimately as yourself. But with time and dedication to the teaching process, you can develop an individual into a competent and trustworthy partner- someone to whom you can assign tasks with confidence.

Dave Ramsey, author and radio show host on financial freedom, describes the trust-building and delegation process with a rope analogy. He explains that at first, in the early weeks and months of hiring a new team member, a supervisor must keep them on a short rope. This involves closely instructing them, keeping watch over their performance and actions, and helping them grow in competency. It takes a bit of micromanagement, so to speak. But with thorough training, this individual will become knowledgeable with how your company operates. And as this takes place, the supervisor can lengthen that rope and reduce their involvement. Finally, once the team member is deemed competent and trustworthy, the rope can be severed. The team member can then make decisions that align with yours and do things the way you would do them.

Delegation can take place not only within your company but outside of it as well. It is necessary that as you grow in your organization, you have professionals to whom you can delegate. Experts like an insurance agent or a website and SEO marketing manager can serve as great tools in aiding the success of your company. And for your taxes, payroll, and bookkeeping needs, Prospect Financial is here for you. Delegate these tasks to us and relieve your busy schedule.

We look forward to partnering with you for the success of your company!