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Over the past few years many of you have enjoyed having 24/7 access to your important tax documents through the secure online accounts we provide to each of our clients.  The client accounts accessible from our website, http://prosNetClient CS, provide a convenient way to access your documents, securely submit important documents to us, and complete an online tax organizer.  If you haven’t been enjoying this benefit, ask us about it right away!

Did you know that your account is also accessible via a convenient, FREE smartphone and tablet app?!?  No…you aren’t dreaming!  Now you can have convenient access to all your important tax and financial documents wherever you are.  Download the NetClient CS and access your account with the same Username and Password you use to access your account through our website.

Imaging walking into the bank to apply for a new home loan.  The loan officer lets you know that you will need to bring in copies of your previous two year of tax returns.  You quickly launch your app, conveniently finding the documents, tap the email link, and like magic one more item off the to do list!

If you need assistance accessing your account or logging in to the App, please give us a call.  We’d love to help you out!

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