Nice, isn’t it? This is not a walkthrough of the website, but please check out all the pages! Share it with your friends, colleagues, and family! Let them know about us! Notice the little Menu button in the top right. This helps you get places.

Joel and I have been meaning to update our website for years. A few months ago we just did it. We hired a local guy out of Redlands who obviously did a fantastic job. If you want his contact information, just ask ☺ What we are going to try to do with this new website is blog every now and then, provide taxpayer resources, access to your online portals, and hopefully use it as a tool to bring us more clients. We are very excited about it. Extremely excited ☺

Besides this new, awesome website there have been a few other minor and major changes to the firm. It should be mentioned that about 6 or 7 months ago, Joel asked me if I’d like to buy half of the business from him and be his business partner. We were sitting in a coffee shop in Seattle of all places (we were there for a business conference). I pretended like I had to talk to my wife first about it but deep down I knew this was the way to go. The partnership became official on December 1, 2014 and I couldn’t be happier or more thankful to Joel for offering me half of his business. That I think is the only major change. It won’t affect the clients as the services, fees, communication, and whatever else will stay relative to what they have been.

We have two new staff on our team: Katiedan Wigfield and Caroline Hopkins. They both are mostly pleasant to be around. Katie is our receptionist. She started in the middle of the last tax season (thankfully for Joel and I that means she does have some tax season experience!). Carol has actually worked part-time on and off over the past few years. She became full time at the beginning of 2015. We are happy to have both of them on board!

Tax season is here! Make your tax appointments early and bring good records! See you soon ☺