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Business ownership is no small task. It entails organization, leadership, communication, networking and so much more. And with each day presenting something new, it is essential to keep in mind all that is on your horizon. That’s why we a Prospect Financial Solutions believe that making plans and setting goals for your business will initiate its success. It is vital to everything else that you do.

The Big Picture

First, we suggest that you develop an understanding of your “big picture.” This is your chance to dream of what your business is capable of. Where do you see yourself in the next year? What about the next three, or even five years down the road? Your big picture should involve several goals that consider the different aspects of your business including, finances and marketing.

When you create a goal, you need to make sure that it is: attainable, reasonable and measurable. This will allow you to stay focused and motivated in your day-to-day tasks as you work toward whatever you ultimately want to achieve. You will notice not only a progression toward your “big picture” goal but also toward more structured and organized days.

Take Control

You may find that maintaining a trend of productivity each day can present a challenge of its own. Inefficiency, distractions, and projects that are inadequately useful to your end-goal can get in the way of a day that proves successful. This is why you must, as a business owner, take control of your work days. Plan everything, down to the minutes and hours. Managing and dictating your own time will evoke achievement and the success for which you hop.

Forbes magazine claimed that today’s workplace is plagued by interruptions. “Professionals are being bombarded from all sides. A typical manager gets interrupted every three minutes at work,” an associate professor at Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences wrote in a Forbes article. Such distractions restrict the amount of time a business owner has available to work toward meaningful goals. It cannot be tolerated, and you must take back your time for what is most important to your business!

In addition to the mere frequency of interruptions during the day, a manager or business owner faces compounding challenges. Forbes magazine explains, “Perhaps the most disturbing trend about being interrupted is that it takes up to 23 minutes for your brain to get back to where it left off. In addition to the minutes of potential productivity that slips away during these pesky distractions, your mental willpower becomes exhausted in the process. The means that the more you are interrupted, the easier it is for you to get interrupted again.” No wonder accomplishing tasks during the workday can prove near impossible. Though we want to set goals and make plans for ourselves, we have allowed ourselves to become distracted.

There are ways however in which you can overcome these time-consuming distractions and accomplish your goals. Here are a few helpful tips to get you back on track!

  1. You must be disciplined and not allow yourself to be distracted (i.e., by social media sites, text messages, etc.)
  2. If you have employees, communicate with them when you need to focus and when you can answer questions and collaborate. Provide for them a definite time in which they can access you so you can deal with everything all at once.
  3. Try our helpful method of productivity, what we call the “power hour.” During the “power hour,” you will work for 50 minutes without any opportunity for distraction. This allotted time involves closing your door, putting on headphones, silencing your phone, whatever it takes to focus entirely! Then for ten minutes, you can take a break: relax, take questions, and allow for some distractions. Set a timer and keep track of the minutes. Devoting time to work and yes, even some disturbances will increase your productivity.
  4. From the Forbes article we’ve learned this helpful tip: “Instead of prioritizing your schedule, schedule your priorities.” This means that you need to make sure that your goals and your business come first- everything else is secondary.
  5. Find what time of day you are most efficient with your time. When are you at your best? Take this time to work on the tasks that require your full attention and schedule less taxing things for another time. (Perhaps in the afternoon when you’re thinking about a nap!)

Once you’ve nailed down the schedule of your day, you will notice a trend of growth and achievement. And as your hard work produces accomplished goals, make sure to implement flexibility and reassessments to your plans. Reevaluate when necessary for the changes your company will face. Before long, you will begin each day, focused on a bright future for your business, and end with satisfaction for your productivity.

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