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Welcome to the Prospect Tax!

OUR MISSION is to provide you with an awesome experience as we process your income tax return. You will have the option of an in-office or phone/web meeting with either Joel or John to discuss your income taxes.



During the meeting we hope to accomplish the following:

  1. Discuss the process with you
  2. Give you a timeline to complete your tax return
  3. Ask you questions about your unique situation
  4. Compile a missing information list possibly complete the income tax return—usually not the case
  5. Discuss next years tax situation

Your Appointment, There Are Certain Steps You Can Take To Expedite The Tax Return Preparation:


Tax Prep Step #1

If you haven’t already, please spend a few minutes filling out this brief survey.


Tax Prep Step #2

You will receive an email notifying you that a web organizer has been created for you. Please take a moment to create your account. You can use the web organizer to upload documents and answer important questions. Check out this helpful video before you get started.

Tax Prep Step #3

Please provide a copy of your previous income tax return or upload to your organizer.


Tax Prep Step #4

Gather all of your official income tax documents. Common tax documents are:

  • W-2  •  1099-Int  •  1099-Misc  •  1099-Div  •  1099-B  •  1098  •  1095  •  Form 5498  •  K-1 (if you are an owner of an S-Corporation or Partnership) 

You can either upload your documents to your web organizer or bring them to your in-office appointment. If you are unsure whether you are going to receive one or more of these documents, we’ll discover that during our meeting.


Tax Prep Step #5

If you used to purchase health insurance, you should have received a Form 1095-A.  The IRS will not process your income tax return without the information from this document. 

If you have not received this document, you should be able to login to your account and retrieve it there.  If not, you can reach at 800-300-1506.


Tax Prep Step #6

Taxpayers who are claiming dependents are eligible for various tax credits. As paid professionals, we are required to ‘verify’ that the dependents are actually your dependents. Per the IRS, we are required to save documentation that we used to verify these dependents. For every dependent you are claiming please have one of these documents which should have the name and address of the dependent:

  • Form 1095
  • Statement from Medical Provider (for example, name of dependent on a prescription order)
  • Statement from Daycare Provider
  • Social Security Administration document
  • Statement from Landlord
  • Statement from Church or School
  • Other document showing name and address of your dependent
  • If you have questions about this, please contact our office

Tax Prep Step #7

Perhaps you own investment properties.  Investment properties get reported on a Schedule E.  Please visit this page to get more information on how to properly report all income and deductions for that investment property.


Tax Prep Step #8

Many taxpayers are self-employed, or operate a side business for a little extra income.  Whether it’s a full time gig or part time, the IRS wants you to report all of your income and expenses related to this activity on a Schedule C.  If this situation fits you, please go to our Schedule C information page here.

We look forward to working with you and are excited to provide with you an exceptional experience!