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Here at Prospect Financial Solutions, we are dedicated to providing our clients the best top-shelf Personal & Small Business tax planning, preparation, and filing solution possible! We are constantly improving our service; which is exactly why a vast majority of tax service in Redlands, CA clients stay with us long after their first return! We are IRS Enrolled Agents. This means that we are experts at helping you keep more of your money. This is not just some job for us—it’s our passion! And our clients love that it is! Sign-up today for our free tax consultation!!

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As a small business owner time is one of the most crucial raw materials you’ve got. That’s where Prospect Financial Solutions comes in: giving our clients their time back! The more time you are spending on recurring tasks that could well be outsourced, the less time you have to be delivering your product or service to your customers. Sales tax returns is one of those crucial recurring tasks that are serious time-sucks. Prospect Financial Solutions is dedicated to helping our valued clients feel at ease knowing their accounting and tax return needs are completely taken care of. Peace of mind is just one of the many benefits that come with working with us. We heard from many of our Redlands, CA small business owners that they truly need our tax service for the success of their businesses.

It’s that peace of mind that really connects us with why we do what we do. This is not a job for us. This is our passion, period!  Yes, there is a lot of work come tax season. But we relish it! We cannot wait for it to roll around each year. And each year we refine our processes & expand our prowess of the US Tax Code.

It doesn’t matter if you are in need of personal tax return help or if you are a small business owner incredibly swamped and possibly confused, we are here to help you. We can remember stressing over our taxes before we started Prospect Financial Solutions. We know what it’s like. Our tax service redlands ca is unparalleled in dedication to ensuring that you are paying only the amount of tax that keeps you compliant with the law.

Tax Return Preparation

Our small business tax return service provides business owners the benefit of knowing that their tax filings are absolutely rock solid. Partnership, LLC, Corporation? Prospect professionals know exactly how the law affects your business. We focus on keeping your entity compliant and the corporate veil fully intact.

Holistic Approach to Tax Planning

We believe a good life is a ‘notice-free’ life. How do you have a ‘notice-free’ life? Compliance. The law is the law. And tax law can often feel like it was written to be as confusing as possible. We know this stuff, solid. As Enrolled Agents we live, eat, and breathe the US tax code. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients are benefiting from our unique holistic approach to tax planning and preparation.

Ensure Compliance

By working with Prospect Financial Solutions you will be ensuring that come tax time that your financial records, required filings, and all the other financials are in order. Compliance is a requirement of all organizations and we provide assurance toward that end for our highly valued clients. Our Redlands Tax Service is a high-quality partnership with our clients!

Redlands Tax Service


Non-profit Tax Filing
We serve many different types of organizations including those of our friends who are running non-profit organizations. From churches, schools, synagogues, charities, and NGO, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients are completely compliant and do not lose their 501(c)(3) status.
Stay Informed
We love being able to partner with our clients to give them the financial reports they need to make business critical decisions. By using our holistic approach we give our clients a real piece of mind that they share with their friends and family! We keep our clients informed and educated about their business financial world.
Compliance Issues: Resolved!
Stop those middle of the night panic attacks when you realize you forgot to submit sales tax! This ensures that sales tax, quarterlies, income tax returns etc. are accurate and filed on time. We stay on top of these types of compliance issues so that you don’t have to.
Outsource Small Business Accounting
Solid bookkeeping for small businesses keeps them competitive. By giving our clients the financial information they need when they need it is exactly like having a in house accounting department working for your company. More than that: by outsourcing your accounting needs to Prospect Financial Solutions you are creating leverage for your business!

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At Prospect Financial Solutions, we work everyday for our valued clients to give them the best income tax return preparation & filing service that we can provide! But it doesn’t stop there. We work tirelessly with our clients to help them with tax planning so that when it comes time to file their returns there aren’t any surprises; and what’s more is that we can provide them guidance in reducing their tax liability! Our tax service is absolutely awesome! A white-glove, top-shelf financial service that we provide every day. We love our clients and we love helping them grow their businesses and personal financial affairs! It is incredibly rewarding work and one we are passionate about!

Forms W-2, 1040, Schedule A

We love Redlands! It doesn’t matter if you are in the 92373, 92374, or the 92375 we are here for you! And our broad, extensive grasp on the US Tax Code, gives our clients immense benefits for personal & business income tax clients in Redlands. Whether it is any number of complex issues that come up when preparing a tax return for your business or not wanting to deal with the headache of filing your personal income taxes, we are here for YOU! We think that is because we work from the Golden Rule. If we were in our clients seat on the other side of the desk, we’d want our enrolled agent, our tax professional to be a tax ninja for us! That is why we keep ourselves up-to-date and educated on the latest

tax preparation service in redlands, ca

IRS tax code and tax filing procedures. We do this because we are our clients’ tax ninjas!

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Filing My Taxes

My business is constantly growing and there is no tax Profesional I would trust over John. He is a man of morals and ethics and very high standard. He is my one and only tax professional I will use and if whatever reason he is unavailable I have full confidence his office can service my needs. A++ professional,  reliable, ethical.

Stefan Gephart

Owner, Airleas, Inc.

Plan for Your Return

Dave Ramsey is the one who helped my wife and I make a strategic decision about the Inland Empire tax planning & preparation accounting firm to go with. Prospect Financial Solutions came highly recommended by Dave. This brought immense relief as we didn’t know who to trust. We’ve been with PFS since 2013 and we aren’t going anywhere else!

Stephen Robertson

Co-Founder, BrightCloud Media

Tax Preparation Service

We’ve referred several friends/family members to Prospect Financial and they have all been very pleased with his services. We’ve referred several of our clients to Prospect Financial Solutions as well.  It is a blessing having business associates like John that you can fully trust!

Rhonda O.

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